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Our Team

Dorothy L. Sinclair
President and Chief Executive Officer

The President/CEO is responsible for the management and direction of the company. This includes making major corporate decisions, monitoring and reporting the financial health of the company, and analyzing trends affecting the company's performance.

Chanel L. Sallie 
Vice President of Operations

The VP of Operations helps design a winning strategy for the company. Oversees the Directors and Managers as they carry out the plan, measures results of sales strategies, processes, procurement, project management, and our companies' business philosophy and reports them to the company president.


Phyllis A. Pruitt
Office Manager

The Office Manager/Executive Assistant is primarily responsible for a variety of office and administrative functions for the company including office services and support, facilities management, purchasing and/or security. Also responsible for ensuring that all official company records are maintained, secured and retrievable. Provides administrative support to the CEO/Owner and functions as her administrative and record keeping support on any project as requested.

Antionette K. McCracken
Project Account Coordinator

The Project Account Coordinator is responsible for establishing and maintaining business relationships with project managers in both national and local markets. This involves setting and achieving financial goals, strategic planning, managing account relationships, improving processes and contributing to the evolution of a dynamic company with strong lines of communication and financial expertise.