Myrtle Beach International Airport Terminal 
  • Lighting Package-Melton Electric

Huntsville-Madison County Airport 
  • Lighting Package-Precision Approach

Tuscaloosa Regional Airport
  • Runway Lighting & Airfield Signage-Precision Approach 

Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project, Phase 2, Dulles VA 
  • Virginia Sign & Lighting Company, A Division of The Lane Construction Corporation

New Kent County, VA Airport 
  • Rehabilitate Runway Lighting - Precision Approach, LLC



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Memphis, Light, Gas, & Water
  • Contracts Ongoing-Electrical, Gas, & Water Supplies

Shelby County Government
  • 3 Year Lighting Contract
  • Pole & Fiber Supplies-Desoto County Electric
  • Shelby County New Signal Set #2 – Gannett Fleming
  • Shelby County BS-7 – Gannett Fleming

City of Memphis-Edwards Electric
  • Lighting & Electrical Supplies for Electrolux
  • Lighting & Electrical Supplies for Bass Pro 
  • Lighting & Electrical Supplies for St. Jude Hospital

City of Memphis - Pipe Material
  • Sewer Line Replacement In Various Locations – Scott Contractor DBA Acuff Enterprises, Inc
  • Wolf River at McLean Siphon Repair Project – Magnolia Underground Construction, Inc
  • Old Loos Hwy 51 Emergency Sewer Line Replacement – Magnolia Underground Construction, Inc
  • HP Raw Sewage Pump Motors and Controls at TE Maxson WWTF – Robinson Mechanical Contractors
  • TVA and Memphis Light Gas & Water Projects - Layne Christensen Company
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